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Ruby Receptionists

Ruby® Receptionists is the only live virtual receptionist service dedicated to creating real, meaningful connections with callers—building trust and helping you win business

Ruby Receptionists

With Ruby® Receptionists, you get a team of customer experience experts devoted to building trust with every caller—making current and potential clients feel special while making you look good. Our friendly, professional live receptionists create great impressions with your English and Spanish-speaking callers and help set your firm apart by

  • answering with your custom greeting,
  • transferring calls to you live,
  • taking messages,
  • collecting intake,
  • making follow-up calls, and more.

Our feature-rich mobile app empowers you to manage your service from anywhere, and Ruby integrates seamlessly with practice management tools Clio, Rocket Matter, and Lexicata, streamlining your client communication.

Included with Ruby service is a phone number you can either forward your existing number to or publish as your business number.  You're also welcome to port your existing number to us -- and save yourself the expense and the hassle of dealing with the phone company. 

And if we host your number, when you call out from the Ruby app on your cell phone, you can choose if the call identifies as coming from your cell number or from your business number -- helping you keep your professional image while maintaining ultimate flexibility. 

Get Ruby’s legendary live service, a business phone number, and a comprehensive suite of features for a fraction of the cost of an on-site hire.

For more information, visit http://www.callruby.com/nysba-prosvcs, email hello@callruby.com, or better yet, call us at 844-208-4769


  • First impressions that win clients

    Ruby answers 100% of business hour calls live, ensuring your English and Spanish-speaking callers always reach a friendly, professional receptionist excited to deliver an exceptional first impression.

    More Information » www.callruby.com/nysba-prosvcs

    First impressions that win clients
  • Capture intake details

    Our skilled receptionists are great at engaging potential clients and gathering critical information with a short intake form—getting to know them and encouraging them to become loyal clients.

    More Information » www.callruby.com/nysba-prosvcs

    Capture intake details
  • Integrations that make your life easier

    Ruby integrates with cloud-based legal applications like Clio, Rocket Matter, and Lexicata. By integrating our call data with the tools you use every day, we strive to centralize your customer communication into one system, so you have everything you need for efficient and effective client follow-up.

    More Information » www.callruby.com/nysba-prosvcs

    Integrations that make your life easier
  • Streamline calls with a Ruby number

    Ruby can host your existing number or provide a phone number in the area code of your choice, free of charge. And with our mobile app, you can choose to call out from your business line or personal cell number. All you need to run your company is Ruby and a cellphone.

    More Information » www.callruby.com/nysba-prosvcs

    Streamline calls with a Ruby number
  • Make your day easier with the Ruby App

    The Ruby mobile app keeps you informed and in control wherever you go. You can select when we answer, the types of calls you’d like connected, who from your business receives certain types of calls, and more!

    More Information » www.callruby.com/nysba-prosvcs

    Make your day easier with the Ruby App
  • Delight callers in English and Spanish

    Whether Spanish-speaking callers are commonplace or occasional at your firm, our bilingual receptionists have you covered—at no additional cost. We can even set up a dedicated Spanish line to provide an even better client experience!

    More Information » www.callruby.com/nysba-prosvcs

    Delight callers in English and Spanish
  • The Freedom to Work the Way You Want

    With Ruby and a cell phone, you have the freedom to define your ideal work environment. Our advanced technology allows you to streamline your calls no matter where you are—perfect for the modern virtual office.

    More Information » www.callruby.com/nysba-prosvcs

    The Freedom to Work the Way You Want
  • Save Money Without Sacrificing Quality

    We know you have to be strategic about your budget. With Ruby, you get a team of model employees at a fraction of the cost. Plus, we’re never sick, late, or on vacation, and never tire of impressing callers.

    More Information » www.callruby.com/nysba-prosvcs

    Save Money Without Sacrificing Quality


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