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  • Contract Tools

    Contract Tools is a cutting-edge Word add-in for creating and analyzing contracts. Contract Tools analyzes almost any kind of contract in a couple seconds or less – right within Word – and then offers powerful tools for analyzing, proofreading, and editing, including:

    Automatic proofreading: Contract Tools’ AI-powered proofreader automatically flags potential contract drafting problems.

    Real-time analysis updating: As you edit a document – by using defined terms, adding to-dos, fixing drafting problems that Contract Tools flags, and so on – Contract Tools updates its analysis instantaneously.

    Defined term autocompletion: Complete contractually defined words and phrases by choosing from a simple menu.

    Web-like navigation: Navigate a document by clicking its text, and use Back and Forward buttons to get back to what you were doing.

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    Contract Tools
  • Turner

    Turner is a full-featured Mac app for creating and analyzing contracts. Turner includes all of Contract Tools’ major features, plus:

    Powerful editing tools: Create defined terms, cross-references, inline lists, and other parts of contracts with a few clicks. Easily add, remove, and reorganize provisions.

    Intuitive formatting tools: Format your entire document with a few clicks.

    Best-in-class file support: You can import PDFs, Word documents, and contracts your find on the SEC’s EDGAR system into Turner, and save your documents as fully-compatible Word documents, professional-grade PDFs, or files suitable for EDGAR filing.

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