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Worldox GX4 is a completely redesigned major release of the popular Worldox product line.

Worldox GX4’s new Active Profiling® capability - Follow Me Favorites™ - takes document and email management to the next level, enabling you to save and retrieve content more efficiently than ever. Follow Me Favorite technology knows which files you worked on recently and then presents these choices for quick filing and navigation. In case of emails, filing has never been easier since GX4 actively monitors Microsoft Outlook emails and assigns client/matter information for end of day, one-click batch filing. Folders are automatically created in the Outlook tree that correlate to the user's Worldox Favorite Matters, another quick and seamless method to file email. "One touch scanning" of documents into the Worldox repository is available and already being used by the industry’s largest copier and scanning companies.

Worldox® GX4, redesigned with new Active Profiling® technology for ease of use and automation.
Effortlessly manage, share and access all of your digital content.

Founded in 1988 and based in Glen Rock, New Jersey, World Software Corporation® is an innovative leader in the Document Management Systems (DMS) category. The company's flagship product Worldox® has an install base of over 6000 companies in 52 countries.


  • Worldox GX4

    Our latest version’s new Active Profiling® capability takes document and email management to the next level. The redesigned user interface and functionality enables your staff to save and retrieve content more efficiently than ever.

    More Information » www.worldox.com/worldox

  • Worldox Cloud

    Worldox Cloud is an innovative document management solution that provides the powerful features of the proven Worldox DMS, but generates even more accessibility and flexibility through the utilization of Software-as- a-Service (SaaS) technology and cloud computing.

    Worldox Cloud uses a patent-pending communications platform to seamlessly connect Cloud servers hosting the Worldox application and all Worldox- managed documents to local applications. Users already familiar with either our Professional or Enterprise versions see the same familiar interface rather than a web interface or a separate, self-contained environment.

    More Information » www.worldox.com/worldox/worldox-cloud

  • Worldox Enterprise

    Worldox Enterprise is adapted for multi-office, remote access environments. It features a patent-pending add-on server component that allows fast connectivity from on-site desktops, remote offices and out-of-office machines. The Worldox Enterprise Server architecture provides access to local applications including MS Office and Third-party integrations such as case management software. The Enterprise and Professional model can be combined as a mixed environment to fit your desired approach to accessibility.

    More Information » www.worldox.com/worldox/worldox-enterprise

  • Worldox Connectors

    Connectors synchronize Worldox document repositories with practice management, time and billing systems. The connectors can also apply document retention criteria to the codes of closed matters. Once retention rules are applied to closed matter codes, Worldox can be set up to archive documents associated with closed matters on a regular schedule.

    More Information » www.worldox.com/connectors

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