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CosmoLex is a complete solution that includes trust & business accounting, legal billing, documents, emails, calendar, task, a secure client portal, and more in a single cloud-based application (No QuickBooks Needed). CosmoLex's "One Price, One Login" system can take your firm to the next level by improving speed, efficiency, accuracy, and security.


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  • Law Practice Management

    CosmoLex puts individual legal matters at the heart of your law practice management. That means every email, task, event, document, billable item, and transaction -- every record -- is tagged to its proper client matter at all times. This unique, matter-centric approach allows CosmoLex to efficiently manage your practice better than anything you've ever seen -- just take a look. 

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    Law Practice Management
  • Legal Trust Accounting Software

    When it comes to trust accounts, “close enough” is NOT good enough. With built-in legal trust accounting, you’ll find it easy to keep your books up to date and accurate for all of your trust accounts — because CosmoLex takes care of it automatically. And built-in safeguards protect you against common mistakes, such as overdrafts and check fraud. Your trust accounts will always be current, compliant, and audit-ready.

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    Legal Trust Accounting Software
  • Legal Business Accounting Software

    CosmoLex legal business accounting is designed to handle all of the unique, legal-specific bookkeeping requirements with which every lawyer must comply.CosmoLex manages your law firm’s bookkeeping and accounting accurately and automatically — in the background — while you perform your day-to-day practice management and billing activities. Plus, there is never any need to struggle with duplicate data entry or the imports/exports that come with using a separate generic accounting software.

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    Legal Business Accounting Software
  • Legal Time & Billing Software

    CosmoLex legal billing and timekeeping software gives you end-to-end, integrated coverage for all of your billing tasks. Batch processing invoices, past-due notices, and low-retainer reminders for ALL clients are completed in a single mouse click. Your clients can pay bills or retainers online via credit card. CosmoLex’s integrated bookkeeping even allows you to post matter costs simultaneously as expense cards or draw payments from retainers while keeping operating and trust account balances current and properly managed in real time.

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    Legal Time & Billing Software
  • Secure Client Portal

    The CosmoLex Client Portal puts an end to client disputes, by keeping your clients in the loop. By giving your clients controlled access to any or all of their case information, you can put an end to the claims that they were not informed about critical matter aspects because you’ll have a shared record every step of the way. There is no cost to you or your clients, and you can feel secure by knowing you can revoke access to any item (or the entire portal) at any time.

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    Secure Client Portal